Who we are

The SerWeMa GmbH und Co KG was founded in 2002. However, the company's history dates back to the middle of the 1990s. At that time a small circle of former employees of VEB Modul started with repair work on gear cutting machines.

SerWeMa has now developed into Europe's largest supplier for overhauls and modernizations of gear cutting machines. According to individual customer requirements, we carry out extensive machine modernizations in connection with additions of new assemblies. The aim is to make the machines usable for modern technologies and tools. So far, more than 400 reconditioned machines have been delivered to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Under the management of Bert Krauße, 60 employees work for SerWeMa.


New bevel gear milling machine (GLEASON/ARCOID)

SerWeMa delivers for the first time a completely overhauled CNC bevel gear milling machine for the production of circular arc toothed bevel gears in the ARCOID/GLEASON process.

Mechanical engineering has a long tradition in Chemnitz

SerWeMa is located in Chemnitz. Since August 2010, we have been welcoming our customers at our new location on Zwickauer Straße, on the premises of the former grinding machine factory.
Chemnitz is a traditional mechanical engineering location. Companies like PFAUTER, MODUL or WANDERER have their roots here. We feel obliged to this tradition.

Very close to our company headquarters is the Chemnitz Industrial Museum, which houses one of the first machines in which the hobbing process was used to manufacture gears. This principle was developed and patented by Hermann Pfauter in Chemnitz at the end of the 19th century.


Retrofit gear cutting machines new internet presence

New Internet presence

September 2020 - new internet presence. The SerWeMa GmbH & Co. KG is pleased to present you the new website....