SerWeMa GmbH & Co. KG

We offer the following spare parts service for the machine makes WMW MODUL and SCHIESS FRORIEP:

  • Spare parts in stock for WMW MODUL machines
  • New production of any spare parts according to drawing
  • Standard and wear parts
  • Accessories like milling arbors, clamping devices, etc.
  • Sale of used or reconditioned spare parts, accessories and assemblies
SerWeMa GmbH & Co. KG

For the processing of your spare parts inquiry or research, we need the following important information about the machine in question:

  • Machine type (e.g.: Module ZFWZ 08, Schiess RF 40/50 S, etc.)
  • Manufacturing number/Machine number

For the machine makes Pfauter, Liebherr, Lorenz, MAAG, TOS Celakovice and Wanderer:

  • Help with research and spare parts procurement

Please address your inquiries to our service manager.