Mechanical overhaul

1. milling head / shaper head

  • Backlash reduction
  • Scraping the tangential guides
Mechanical overhaul

2. table unit with partial gear

  • Measurement of the table assembly by means of single flank rolling test to ensure the guaranteed quality
  • Reworking or new production of worm wheel and worm as the quality determining components of a gear cutting machine
Mechanical overhaul

3. guideways of bed and stand 

  • Grinding, scraping and coating of the guideways
  • Restoring the machine geometry
Mechanical overhaul

4. hydraulic and lubrication equipment

  • Replacement of the hydraulic unit and hose connections as well as new piping
  • Replacement of all lubrication aggregates and use of new central lubrication
Mechanical overhaul

5. colouring

  • Colour Standard RAL 5015/7035