Reconditioning existing machinery is a good alternative to buying new. Reconditioned machines are available at much lower prices, yet are fitted with the latest technical features, such as modern control and drive technology, meaning that they perform just as well as new machinery. And reusing major assembly groups contributes enormously to improving the energy footprint.

Make the most of these advantages and of more than a decade’s experience in reconditioning both traditional and CNC-controlled gearing and external cylindrical grinding machines – irrespective of whether these are your own machines or ones you have bought in.

Our complex reconditioning programme includes the following elements:


In upgrading and reconditioning gearing machinery, we have chosen to specialise in the following technologies and manufacturers:

• Gear shaping and planing: LORENZ, TOS, LIEBHERR, MODUL, MAAG, PFAUTER
• Bevel gear hobbing: MODUL


• External cylindrical grinders: WMW, Fortuna, Schaudt
If the manufacturer of your gearing or external circular grinding machine is not listed here,
please send us your request nonetheless, and we will process it straight away.

Recontrol Systems

If your machine is in good condition, mechanically speaking, but you have frequent problems with the existing controll, this is the right reconditioning option for you.

Renovation of the controll, including exchanging outdated electronic components
Design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical matching components,
such as engine flanges and couplings
Retrofitted on site to keep machine downtimes as short as possible
The process is designed to ensure that the machine is out of operation for the
shortest time possible. Retrofitting is carried out entirely on site, once all necessary
parts have been delivered. When the work is finished, your machine controller will
be completely up-to-date.

Rebuild machines

If your machine is quite worn out but is still current technology, it is worth to rebuild it. This means that worn-out components are exchanged, replaced or repaired. We will design, manufacture and install matching components. Essential parameters remain unchanged. These comprehensive measures result in a machine which meets the all technical standards of a new purchase, but at a much lower price.

Reconditioning includes:

• Mechanical rebuild
• Electrical rebuild
• Software
• Quality inspection and guarantee

Mechanical Rebuild

Mechanical rebuilding includes upgrading main assembly groups.
You can choose from the following services:

1. Cutter/shaper head
• Reducing play
• Scraping the tangential guides


2. Table unit with transmission structure
• Surveying the table assembly group using single flank roller testing
to ensure the guaranteed quality
• Reworking or manufacturing new wheel and worm, these being
the components of a gearing machine that determine the quality


3. Guide ways for bed and colomn
• Grinding, scraping and coating guide ways
• Restoring the geometry of the machine


4. Hydraulics and lubricating machinery
• Replacing the hydraulic unit and hose connections; new tubing
• Replacing all lubricating units and installing new centralised lubricating systems


5. Colour scheme
• Standard colour scheme RAL 5015 / 7035 

Electrical Rebuild

Electrical rebuild includes:

Installing new switching machinery
• New switching machinery, compliant with CE standard
• Installing air handling units


Exchange electric parts and cables
• Replacing worn or outdated electronic components such as limit switches,
proximity switches, buttons etc.
• Replacing aged cables and leads with oil-resistant varieties


The latest software is used when rebuild the control system. We use software we developed in-house based on Sinumerik 840D SL. Its key attributes are its high performance capabilities and its user-friendliness, as it uses menu-driven user interfaces which require no programming knowledge – the parameters just need to be input.

On request we can also create programs for customer-specific applications.


The aim here is to make older machinery fit for use with the latest technology and tools. We upgrade your machine by installing new assembly groups, or improve the performance of particular assembly groups with new components such as internal and external cutter heads. These products, which we manufacture ourselves, will enable you to achieve reductions in production time, some of which can be considerable.

We can also provide extensions to processes, or retrofitted automation, with services which also include engineering customer-specific solutions.

A complete remanufacturing comprises:
• Engineering
• Mechanical Rebuild
• Electrical Rebuild
• CNC upgrade
• Installing new components
• Software


You won’t get anything ready-made from us, only custom solutions. We will analyse your complete working process, from clamping to tools to manufacturing times.

We then match your machine’s components to your requirements. We do this in close collaboration with your team to ensure the best possible results.

CNC Upgrade

CNC control systems are superior to conventional controllers with respect to cost-efficiency and accuracy.

Updating conventional or part-CNC machines to a full CNC version comprises:
• Installing an electronic transmission and electronic breakdown monitoring
• Design, manufacture and assembly of matching mechanical components,
such as engine flanges and couplings

Benefits of CNC controllers:
• Do away with failure-prone mechanical components such as partial
and differential exchange gears


New Components

During the course of remanufacturing, old machine components are replaced with new ones. These provide improved performance or a cover a broader range of technical functions. Cutter heads are particularly important in this context.

SerWeMa has developed high-quality, high-performance cutter heads for gearing machines,
characterised by the following properties:

• High static and dynamic rigidity
• Sufficiently dimensioned torque
• Broad range of application
• Enables use of latest tools
• Proven drive concepts

Heavy duty gear hobbing heads


Our comprehensive service for gearing machines includes rapid response in the event of a breakdown, and preventive maintenance and servicing to increase the uptime of your machinery. To do this, we rely on our extensive spare parts warehouse and our drawings archive.

Services provided:
• Spare Parts Service, documentation and drawing records for
• Repair, maintenance and servicing for

• Repair and reconditioning of cutter heads and table transmission structures
• Indexing-Gear Manufacture
• Dislocating and transporting machines

Please contact our service manager with any queries.

Technical Documents

SerWeMa owns the drawings of the former major gearing machine manufacturers WMW MODUL and SCHIESS FRORIEP.
Available records:

• Assembly group overview drawings/general assembly drawings
• Drawings of components
• Wiring diagrams
• Parts lists, lists of standard parts and of parts subject to wear
• Operating instructions and documentation documents
For machines from other gearing machine manufacturers such as Pfauter, Liebherr, Lorenz, MAAG, TOS Celakovice and Wanderer:
• various records

Please contact our service manager with any queries.

Spare Parts Service

For machines made by WMW MODUL and SCHIESS FRORIEP:

• Spare parts for WMW MODUL machines in stock
• Any replacement part manufactured new in accordance with drawing
• Standard spare and parts subject to wear
• Accessories such as cutter arbors, clamps etc.
• Sale of used or reconditioned replacement parts, accessories and assembly groups

For the machine manufacturers Pfauter, Liebherr, Lorenz, MAAG, TOS Celakovice and Wanderer:
• Help in researching and sourcing replacement parts

For the machine manufacturers Pfauter, Liebherr, Lorenz, MAAG, TOS Celakovice and Wanderer:
• Help in researching and sourcing replacement parts

To process your query or research request for replacement parts, we need the following important details about the machine in question:
• Machine model (e.g. Modul ZFWZ 08, Schiess RF 40/50 S, etc.)
• Manufacturing number/Machine number

Please contact our service manager with any queries.

Indexing-Gear Manufacture

We specialise in manufacturing high precision worm gears which are used, for example, as drives for round tables on various tool machines. A worm drive comprises a worm wheel and the associated worm.

Manufacturing these components to quality levels 1–3 in accordance with DIN 3962 requires optimum interplay between many influencing factors. The work is therefore carried out on precision machines in temperature-controlled rooms. The experience and knowledge of the machine operator are at least as important.