We offer the following spare parts service for the machine makes WMW MODUL and SCHIESS FRORIEP:

  • Spare parts in stock for WMW MODUL machines
  • New production of any spare parts according to drawing
  • Standard and wear parts
  • Accessories like milling arbors, clamping devices, etc.
  • Sale of used or reconditioned spare parts, accessories and assemblies

For the processing of your spare parts inquiry or research, we need the following important information about the machine in question:

  • Machine type (e.g.: Module ZFWZ 08, Schiess RF 40/50 S, etc.)
  • Manufacturing number/Machine number

For the machine makes Pfauter, Liebherr, Lorenz, MAAG, TOS Celakovice and Wanderer:

  • Help with research and spare parts procurement

Please address your inquiries to our service manager.