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Milling head - Sensible and effective: Combining existing, robust designs with state-of-the-art technology

SerWeMa has successfully delivered another large milling head AWK M40U for gear cutting machines in the range of Ø4.000 mm - Ø14.500 mm and module range up to 50mm in 2019. A recent significant increase in demand for large gear cutting machines and the resulting orders inevitably lead to an increased demand for powerful milling heads. Up to now - especially in the large machine sector - all parts have been manufactured from scratch, i.e. from new cast housings to the last gear wheel. Current simultaneous orders in the range of up to Ø4,000 mm in India, Slovenia and China, up to Ø8,000 mm in India, up to Ø14,000 mm in Australia and up to Ø14,500 mm in Russia have provided us with the need to find an alternative solution to the costly new production.

MODUL milling head in original condition (conventionally driven) on a ZFWZ 5000

Milling head from the left picture modernized and in operation on the same machine - new designation: SerWeMa AWK M40U

The great challenge was to develop a modern milling head that would meet the constantly growing demands in terms of set-up time, machining time, rigidity and, last but not least, the requirements of ever more powerful tools. In doing so, SerWeMa again applied its own core competence of modernization to this key component. From the "old" conventional milling head, a motor milling head with a stately 74 kW drive power and powerful 10,000 Nm torque at the milling spindle was developed.

Further technical data can be offered as follows:

Max. cutter diameter: 400mm
Max. cutter length: 500mm
Max. cutter adjustment (shifting): 600mm
Max. millable module: 40mm (hobbing)
50mm (single part milling/form milling)
Max. Cutter speed: 125 rpm (higher on request)

The result is a milling head that can be manufactured or made available at short notice, but at the same time is powerful and reliable and can easily compete with comparable new products!

We are looking forward to your questions. We can also offer correspondingly similar conversions and modernizations for many other machine types (SCHIESS, KOLOMNA, LIEBHERR, PFAUTER, etc.).

Please ask us!